Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Trading Week 1

17 - 21 September 2007 Weekly Performance Review

Actual Date should be 19 - 21 September.

19 Sept:
I decided to join the not-so-big Malaysia stock market after the US announced that FED rate goes down by 0.5%. Several counters were in my mind, undecided which to buy. I think this is
normal for a super beginner like me. The list was: RANHILL, BJPROP and CNOOC-C1 (can only rememmber these). In the end bought CNOOC-C1 at 0.16 (12000 unit). First time trading, very nervous, monitor the price up and down, Rose up to 0.18 but didn't sell it. But then I had test that day, so had to study for test first. Prepare for test, ignore the share first.

In the afternoon, the price dropped slightly to 0.11, up and down between 0.117 and 0.175. At the end decided to sell at 0.175. But the price going up again, up to 0.195. Too bad. But at least gain some experience, not too be nervous when trade, and hold the share longer if it's not going down for short term.

Bought another share by the end of the day: BOC-C1 at 0.095 (20000 unit) - not a bad price for this day.

That's for my first day:
CNOOC-C1 RM0.175 * 12000 - RM0.16 * 12000 = RM 180
BOC-C1 RM 0.095 * 20000 = RM1900

20 Sept:
Today I have presentation in the morning, lectures until noon time.. So no monitoring for the first session. As far as I could remember, BOC-C1 was so quiet in the early morning session, rose to RM0.12 around 11am (if not mistaken).

Noontime, monitor and it was so so so quiet until I sold it off at RM0.115. Malaysia market no steam lerr.. So the end of the day. After the 2nd day, decided to take a break on Friday. Promised friend to do something.

BOC-C1: RM 0.115 * 20000 = RM2300

21 Sept:
Today decided to take break, test in the morning, things to be done in the afternoon. But after my test, still go and monitor the market. Cannot stay, bought BOC-C1 at RM0.125 again, too bad sold yesterday, but never mind. Not much changes for BOC-C1. Monitor GPLUS since morning, wanted to buy but no gut, no decision was made. Instead bought BOC-C1 as stated.

Gone crazy after seeing the price.. >.<" Sold BOC-C1 at RM0.13, making a small tiny gain. After my army (money) returned to my base (account), monitor and wondering whether to buy HSBC-C1 or not at RM0.15, that time was in UTAR libray, like a "cold fridge" over there. freezing cold. Cannot aim properly. Didn't manage to notice the buying spree over there. Go do something else and back.. Woaha.. Rose up to RM0.20. Pity me.. 33.33% gaining just gone. Say bye bye to me.. Another lesson learnt. Trust myself, never trade in a "cold fridge".

BOC-C1: RM0.13 * 15000 - RM0.125 * 15000 = RM 75

*All realised gain / loss does not include brokerage fee.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

Today's Easter, celebrated the resurrection of Jesus in Mega CMC this morning.. It was great, and this year, these few days, I have been pondering about one question: "What does the resurrection of Jesus mean to me?" Bro and sis, take your time to think about this, think about what you have done for Jesus, what does He mean to you.

After church, wanted to go Tesco to buy groceries again.. yes.. groceries, been like an aunty, comparing prices here and there.. Haha.. But then chatted with Lee King, and witness the baptism of bro and sister during the 2nd worship session. And ended up joining the CF meeting.. Haha.. Spent 1 hour + there, then only I headed to Tesco, thank God I got a parking space within 1 minute. After I shopped for groceries, rush to 1U to have lunch with Poh Yi, her sis and Chui Fen at Genki Sushi. Not bad.. Though the udon mee seems to be a bit salty. Too much ajinomoto?? :P

Didn't manage to buy anything in 1U, just walked around only.. Chit-chatting.. Not bad.. Came home at 4 sth and now blogging.. Tonight gonna be a peaceful night, at least for me.. Just stay at home and do things I had planned.. Gonna switch myself to "half-battle" mode starting tmr.. Finals coming..

*Ohya.. Another thing is that: never try to park your lovely car in basement carpark if you plan to go 1U on Sunday, it's super full.. Spent 30 mins to get a parking for my tiny kancil.. >.<" Exhausted + bored...

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Time to blog again.. Today's Sat, kinda relax for me, though want to study later.. Talk about yesterday (Friday). At first Cindy invited me to join her and Andrew for a piece of movie - Just Follow Law, but I just don't want to be a 5 x 10^200W light bulb, haha.. But in the end, still decide to watch it, so get myself out of the library to Mid Valley. huh.. wat a heavy traffic, wondering why, mayb it's because of the Expo held in MVEC. Parked my car and shoot up to the 3rd floor, again, a superb long queue at the ticket counter of GSC, (sweat), couldn't get myself on time for the movie although the screen shows 2 seats left. Finally got to give up.. aikss.. Cindy and Andrew managed to watch it, but not for me.. Wan to watch movie alone oso that hard.. :( Got to find other day and watch it...

What to do? MV is not a bad place to hang out, at least for me.. Walk alone, seeing couples everywhere and went to my favourite bookstore - MPH, read copies of magazines.. Read storyline and introduction of Spiderman 3.. Man.. Nice movie, I gonna watch it on the first day of screening.. Shopped at Carrefour for groceries.. Meet friends, all asked me the same question,

"Alone ar?"
"Yalorr... No gf and all fren went back dy ma.. What to do? U lor.. never intro" [self-added conversation :P]
"Wanted to watch movie but tickets sold off. So shop alone lorr"

Stayed there for 3 hrs before I check out.. Preparing myself to get my new darling - SE W710i at Sunway, but forgot to bring along my ATM card to withdraw money.. Gonna go home first and get it.. As usual, traffic is always congested.. Jam all the way to Sunway.. and finally.. the moment comes.. after sticking with my dear N7210 for 4 yrs, I got this new baby.. :P later will post up photo or perhaps review of her, with white + purple body.. Looks great and sexy! Haha.. Spent half a night playing with her, discovering her functions and transferring MP3s into it.. Now she's loaded with my favourite music.. Can't live without music.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New blog detected!

Wil try my best to revive my blogs. From now onwards, will post between these two blogs: most likely Mandarin + English on Friendster blog and English only for

:) Thanks for supporting.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival everybody.. A peaceful night at Kuantan..

Listening to instrumental music, flipping over those photos taken since form 5, now feeling to write on my blog. Those are sweet memories I had in my mind. A peaceful night, a special night - Mid-autumn's night. Yet I couldn't see those children carrying lantern, playing with candles by the roadside, or in the playground. Perhaps not for those who are at the beach, I never know since I am too lazy and alone too if going there, it's definitely very crowded. Nowadays people are just too busy, busy with their works, busy with their families, for students, busy with their homeworks, assignments, examinations etc.. No time for relaxing, no time for letting their hair down, having a nice chat with friends, or sitting down, reading a book they like, while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. No time for God, no time for devotion, no time for studying the Bible. I think the hustle and bustle of the city really change our mind, our priorities, our living style. Why can't we just back to the very basic life, without those complicated relationships, ignoring those packed working life, enjoy each and every moment with our own family and friends?

Kind of missing those friends, whom studied together last time. Those study life is never be the same as now in university. Miss the time used to study in library during STPM examinations with friends. Just miss.. The feeling just come like that. May be it's because of the music I'm listening to now.. May be the atmosphere tonight is so quiet for me to treasure those moments, and think of my life now.

Oh God.. I really miss the time..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

MARA Liner - best bus service provider for me (KL-Kuantan route)

Today I took a bus ride back to Kuantan, lazy to drive as I was going home alone.. All friends just not free to go home.. What a coincident, I met Eng Chwan and his... hmm.. dunno who.. at the bus station. Should have drive home if I got to know this earlier. But nvm.. Bought a 5pm bus ticket at 4.45pm, right.. 4.45pm, 15 mins right before the bus set off. Kinda rush, but thank God I was able to grab a ticket (actually I knew there weren't many people as today is normal weekday).

The bus arrived at 4.53pm, and we all started to enter the bus. This is the 2nd time I sit on this bus, still.. Wow.. Everything seems great. Nice chair, nice atmosphere. Friendly bus driver passing a bottle of mineral water and Malay snack (dunno call wat name) as this is the month of Ramadhan. Not bad.. The whole journey was just nice.. They even show us video using 2 LCD screen in the bus. Although it was Malay movies, it's considered good enough compared to other buses. Just that the volume is way too loud, yet I could still fall asleep.. lol.. guess too tired after long hour of studies. Below are photos I took for fun inside the bus. :P

(no picture yet.. will upload soon when I get back to KL, here 56k only >.<")

And finally back to my lovely home, can sleep on my most-comfortable-ever bed.. Haha.. And meet my parents and brother too. :)